Some Sample Stories From The Book

Becoming A Prison Chaplin

quoteOne day Pastor Shaun asked me to visit a prisoner. I undertook this task with fear and trepidation due to being knocked back last time and because of my past record, as mentioned earlier, where I was falsely accused and then pleaded guilty because of threats made towards my father. My non-contact visit with Reg [SP] was at first disastrous. All he seemed to want was someone to talk to and relate crude jokes with. This didn’t really go down well with me as my time was valuable.

I did manage to share my testimony though and told him about Jesus. At the end of the visit, he asked if I would come back and visit him again.

Several weeks went by and I received a letter from him apologizing for his behaviour. He wrote that after I had left, he returned to his cell, knelt down and gave his life to Jesus. He was my first prison convert, and he’s still going on with God many years later.

I subsequently received a further letter asking me to visit another inmate which I did. Following I received a third letter requested by another visit, and in this letter, the man shared he was guilty of several very bad offenses but was quite remorseful. His letter showed regret and was the main reason I agreed to visit. He told me that the television program on the local station had had a large effect on him. He has now been released and continues to fellowship with God.

All of these visits made me think that, as I was visiting a few people which took the whole day, I should instigate a permanent arrangement. I decided to become a prison chaplain. Pastor Shaun was very supportive of this idea and so began my present ministry. I realized that to become a chaplain, I needed the backing of an organization and was encouraged by a prayer partner to join Prison Fellowship. After an interview and intense scrutiny by government organisations and with the support of World Harvest Ministries, I became a prison chaplain.

Helping Others Towards Christianity

quoteI met a man who was an accessory to an unpremeditated murder. He was extremely remorseful and during his time in prison studied the bible and worked in the wood workshop. I have met him since his release and believe he is still ongoing with the Lord.

As the ministry progressed, I developed a boldness and passion for the souls of these men. Another prisoner who had been involved with a cult asked many questions in regard to cults. He showed me a book outlining the doctrines of this cult, and because I understood the Bible, I was able to explain to him that the cult’s doctrine was against God’s teaching. I encouraged him to search the scriptures to discover the truth. I shared with him that in his search for answers, John 8:31 and 32 would set him spiritually free. Eventually, of his own accord, he discarded the book of doctrines and became a Christian.

Many other prisoners were set free by the spiritual reality, and some of the following testimonials are examples of this.

A man with a long sentence ahead of him was able to turn the negatives into positives. Most importantly he became a strong Christian and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, grew into the person God wanted him to be. He discovered Joyce Meyer Ministries and her books and inspiration shared these with fellow inmates.

There were no facilities for baptism within the prison walls, but one man, who was determined to put his old ways behind him, attended every service with a large jug of water. I thought he must be very thirsty, but he asked me to baptise him immediately, which of course I did. The same man donated some of his meagre income to the World Harvest Ministries for the orphanages in India.

And the stories continued on and on, again and again.

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