No More Chains, Foreword

No More Chains, with thanks. I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped me make this book a reality. My Lord and Saviour who gave me time to write this. To men and women who have come across my path and have been an inspiration as well as all those who have come to know the Lord. To my dear friend, Val, for listening to my story and scribing it and putting my words into paper. To Rosalyn for typing and praying about this story for me, balancing your time with work and family to help make this book a reality. To my beautiful and supportive wife, Judy, with whom I am deeply blessed.

No More Chains, Foreword

From Dr. Shaun Marler, Senior Pastor, World Harvest Ministries, Brisbane, Australia. It gives me great pleasure to write a little something for this book on behalf of a great man I know. I first met Brian Hicks in my lounge room when he came to visit with another pastor friend and family member some 20 years ago. I liked Brian from the first meeting, and we were soon to become friends and peers in ministry. Not long after our initial meeting, Pastor Brian joined my church and got involved. Brian started driving school buses and vacuuming the church’s carpet in the main auditorium.

The Bible says a faithful man will abound with blessing, Proverbs 28:20. Faithful is a word that goes hand in hand with Brian’s life. He has now worked for me for more than the last 18 years as my assistant pastor in a full-time capacity, fulfilling all of the responsibilities as a faithful man, a servant of God, and good friend.

Many years ago while I was in television, my program, “The Winner’s Way“, was airing in local prisons and correctional centres. Inmates began to write to me, and one particular prisoner requested a visit. Because of Pastor Brian’s unique life journey, I asked if he would visit the prisoner on my behalf. From this visit was birthed our Prison Chaplaincy Ministry. Brian has been visiting the correctional centres of southeast Queensland for the last 12 years. Hundreds of men have been encouraged, comforted, and have found Christ. The work still continues to this day.

Brian has an amazing testimony, and I have encouraged him to write this book. Yes, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be inspired. You will want to make a difference as you read the testimonies of a life well lived within these pages. God bless.

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