Introduction – About My Book

This is my story or part of it. If I asked you to tell me your story, what would you say? Would you mention the pressures you’re facing at work? Would you talk about where you went to school? Would you tell me it’s none of my business?

What I want to say is that everyone’s life is a story but most people don’t know to read their life story. This is the purpose of this book – it’s part of my life story.

I hope you will be blessed in reading it and God gets all the glory because He brings us all through life for His purpose and glory.

This is the journey I have so far travelled. May you be blessed and be a blessing in your story (journey).

God certainly works in mysterious was.

My life has been a challenge and I hardly know where to begin to relate my story.

Although I was not aware of it throughout the early years I now believe Jesus has always been with me.

This book is about the times when God has shown me the way when I was misguided and when I was walking with Him.

My life has been changed by God who is real and has kept me safe. If I didn’t follow the quite voice of the Holy Spirit then I believe that I would still be living a life of destruction if I was still alive at all.

Some of the related incidents do not always reflect my own transgressions and addictions, but rather to glorify God as he directed my path and sustained me throughout.

Now my main purpose in relating my story is to bring glory to God so that this may encourage others. That we are not all perfect but have the potential to be all our creator has for us by choosing and living one step, one day at a time.

I hope that this book inspires you to take a look at our creator. The father in heaven that has His hand on your life even in the moments when you think you are alone.

Jesus is the Hero of my life.

I have been a victim where;

  • a. I was falsely accused and jailed
  • b. I was brutally assaulted and not expected to live.
  • c. My own son was stabbed and almost died.

After the incident relating to my son I thought to myself ‘this is the last straw’ but God showed me I had to forgive, not condemn because my son was going to live.

Over time I have forgiven many people who have seriously affected my family and myself. It was not easy to do but with the help of the Holy Spirit I was able to do so. You can too if you have been a victim.