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Philippine Mission 2 – extract…

We were surrounded by cells holding some of the maximum security prisoners. As the meeting progressed we noticed some of these men looking through the bars of their cells and therefore also heard the gospel. At the end of the service many of the men came forward for healing, restoration, commitment, deliverance from addictions, forgiveness […]


The Philippines Mission – extract…

Over the years the desire to visit and minister to the Philippino people had increased. I wanted to go the several churches, provinces and into the prisons. The first visit to the Philippines has been referred to previously. After I joined World Harvest Ministries Pastor Shaun asked me to go the province Negross, Cantalong City […]

Prison Fellowship- extract…

In 1989 I felt a strong desire to minister to prisoners. I did apply for a chaplaincy position but doors were closed, and I realised the time wasn’t right and not of God. Even though my desire to minister to prisoners didn’t leave me I utilised my time by providing a house for homeless men […]


Halfway House – extract…

With daily visits to the lookout I continued to witness and answered many questions. In time they became receptive especially Paul who was the first person I came across. He gave his life to Jesus and attended church with my family when he came to live with us. Prior to his moving in with us […]


Introduction – About My Book

This is my story or part of it. If I asked you to tell me your story, what would you say? Would you mention the pressures you’re facing at work? Would you talk about where you went to school? Would you tell me it’s none of my business? What I want to say is that […]